We’re smart and nimble.

As a boutique management consultancy, we’re hyper-focused on our client’s needs, building deep relationships of engagement fostered over time while providing the flexibility and objectivity required in today’s rapidly changing world.


Headquartered in New York, we have over 50 hand-picked experts based across the globe on our roster - all of whom are hyper-focused on client success. Our cross-industry teams have on average 15-20 years of expertise in the financial services, energy, travel & leisure, and health sectors with specialties across research, strategy, relationship & experience management, product, engineering, and human-centered design.

At Person, we're doing something special by putting people at the center of business reinvention. For us, the genesis is going deep on the human experience with customers and colleagues and then we work back towards the technology. Our support accelerates organizational leadership through critical areas  and powerfully connects the differentiated experience to business benefits.”
Gavin Wassung
Managing Partner, President

We support our clients through critical areas to drive new growth opportunities and innovate core businesses enabled through agile technology.


Research and Assessment

Success hinges on an objective understanding of deeply rooted challenges of the organization.


Insights and Strategy

Articulating strategy by identifying opportunities to enable organizations through technology.


Change and Transformation

We mobilize change by motivating new behaviors and culture to achieve operational excellence.

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How we're different


We start with empathy-driven techniques to place us firmly in the shoes of your customers, stakeholders, and clients. We then overlay creative brainstorming and rapid ideation methods to create safe spaces for questions, conversation and ideas, and through radical candor –  unravel impossible problems.


We deliver real, tangible outcomes, with the right-size. And unlike the large consultancies, we build small, nimble teams of 2, 4 and 6 experts focused on actionable results from small incremental improvement to full business transformational using a variety of practices like agile and lean management.


Our teams are comprised of Senior, Director, and Executive talent – on average with 15-20 years of experience. They’ve done this before - former CIO, CTO. Specialists in research, technology, human-centered design, and bringing award-winning products to market.


We work in the open and celebrate co-creation and collaboration with our teams. Our participatory approach means we work side-by-side, not for, not under, but with each other to achieve business, colleague and customer success.


The only viable strategy today is to adapt and evolve. We respond well to ambiguity and new environments. Our ability to adjust quickly and deliver well-formed, objective strategies helps organizations survive, and thrive across functions.

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Our experts help leaders solve complex business challenges to deliver change at scale.

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